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STOP! Alex Belfield -UPDATED

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

On 25th November 2019. I posted this.

*Please read this article first, for full context of this situation.

It was written in response to a YouTube video that Alex Belfield posted on 24th November. In it, he posts a photo of Ben Hewis’ young son, who he openly threats. With this, I think Alex went too far.

That video has since been removed.

On December 31st 2019, at 02.37, whilst I was at home with my parents enjoying my New Year. Alex Belfield sent me this email to my public business address

The email was clearly designed by Alex to intimidate me, and was incredibly threatening.

At the time, I had only been running my blog for one year, and I was naturally very protective of it. Although I did not feel that I had written anything liable in my original post for Alex to be able to put together a defamation case against me. It did make me question whether I should remove it.

I had worked so hard to build my blog, that I did not want anything to damage it, and I didn’t want to get myself in to any trouble.

I considered removing the post, but then thought about my original intentions behind writing it. I wrote it out of solidarity and support for Ben Hewis and having read it again, I stood by eveything that I said in it and decided not to remove it.

I then chose not to aggravate the situation and did not reply or respond to Alex’s email.

On January 1st 2020, at 10.49, Alex Belfield then sent me this email.

I did not respond.

He then continued to goad me, by sending me this tweet.

This was then followed up by another email at 16:36 on January 1st 2020.

I then re read this and the original email that Alex Belfield had sent me. In it he says that “the BBC lawyers are currently handing this legal claim”.

Having worked at the BBC myself, and understanding that it is a publicly funded corperation, I believed it was unlikely that they would be supporting Alex Belfield in any claim, and that by suggesting they were Alex was actually making a fraudulent statement.

On 2nd January 2020, I contacted the BBC to ask them if they could confirm whether the BBC are representing Alex Belfield and whether Alex Belfield is currently or has ever been employed by the BBC.

The next day, I received an email from a member of BBC’s Legal Division.

For confidentiailty reasons, I cannot not post this email, but in it the representative for the BBC confirmed that the BBC is not representing Mr Belfield in any way. Mr Belfield does not currently work for the BBC. He did previously work for the BBC, as a presenter with BBC Leeds, but that engagement came to an end many years ago.

The representative at the BBC was incredibly kind, supportive, and comforting and offered me their phone number, if I needed to speak to them directly. Although they were clear that they could not advise what to do, they did help to assure me that I was not alone.

I was incredible grateful. I continued to email them to ask wehther they felt I had a case against Alex Belfield for harassment.

Having read over all the emails again that I received from Alex Belfield, I was alarmed by the sections where he calls me a "complete moron" "sanctimonious attention seeker" and uses the words "stupidity" and suggests my post is "libelous" and calls my website “pitiful” and says that I am in his opinion “not a professional with any standing or credibility” and then calls Ben Hewis and I “Clueless morons” again.

He also states “Tomorrow I’ll make a video about him”.

I had never met Alex Belfield, and I had never followed him, liked any of his posts or even watched any of his videos, before he began tagging me in his posts. Then even after I asked him via a tweet to stop tagging me, he continued to, and now has resorted to sending me persistent emails, tagging me in further tweets and is now threatening to make about me.

I did not know the law, and had never found myself in a situation like this before, I had only been running my blog for one year, and so I am fairly new to all this.

I asked whether this constituted to harassment. Was there anything I can do? Should I seek advice?

I had already reported the video to YouTube in which he features photos of Ben’s son and threatens his family. I asked should I contact YouTube legal department about this?

The Senior Legal Counsel from the BBC Litigation Department then phoned me back personally. They were incredible sincere, and helpful, and assured me that I was safe.

Alex Belfield did not make a video about me the next day.

Alex Belfield did not contact me again.

Alex Belfield did not pursue any court action against me.

On 15th February 2020, the day that it was reported that Caroline Flack had died. Alex Belfield posted a tweet in which he specified how Caroline had died.

I personally felt that the tweet was incredible inappropriate, insensitive and reprehensible.

I tweeted in response to Alex’s original tweet, that he later then removed.

He then produced a You Tube video discussing Caroline’s death.

Alex Belfield then targeting Ben Hewis again.

I contacted the BBC again to acknowledge that I had tweeted Alex Belfield, and to alert them to the original tweet that Alex had posted and removed.

On 21st February 2020, I then received a tweet and an email from Alex Belfield.

He then also sent me a direct message to my personal Facebook profile.

I did not respond.

On 26th February 2020, Alex Belfield emailed me again.

I did not respond.

Alex Belfield has now blocked me on social media, although I do not follow Alex Belfield, and I never have done.

Until now I have maintained a dignified silence about my experience and encounters with Alex Belfield.

On 10th April 2020, Alex Belfield posted this.

Some of these people are friends of mine. I reached out to them to assure them that they are not alone, and that I had experienced similar abuse from Alex Belfield.

I wanted to check that they were ok.

I was troubled when one of my friends admitted that they had been brought to tears by Alex Belfield’s targeted abuse, and that it had heightened their anxiety.

This is not acceptable. I have to speak up. Nobody should be suffering or enduring this form of bullying from Alex Belfield.

I am fairly resilient, and I was able to discount Alex Belfield’s attempts to intimidate and threaten me. But realising that his words, his actions, his conduct are impacting and hurting people. He has to stop. I had to speak out.

I posted this across all my social media, and was encouraged when people reached out to me who I was able to support and assist.

This is an incredibly difficult time for everybody, and now more than ever, I want to look out for anyone who has been a target of abuse from Alex Belfield.

I worry that by remaining silent about my experience of Alex Belfield since January that I have enabled and allowed him to continue to victimise and assault other people. I hope that by coming forward with all this, that if there is anyone who has had similar experiences and have been worried or dealing with it alone, that they now know you are not alone.

Together we are stronger.

If anyone would like to contact me for help and support, please do.

My email is and I will listen.


After I initially posted this blog. I received this email from Alex Belfield on Sunday 12th April 2020, at 01.00.

At 2.47 on Sunday 12th April 2020, I received this email from Alex Belfield.

‪On Easter Sunday, 12th April. Alex Belfield sent me this email at 10.51 after posting this video on his YouTube page‬

At 10.45 on Sunday 12th April. Alex Belfield posted on @celebrityradio this tweet in which he calls me “obsessed and unwell” and chooses from over fifty other photos on my website of me, three in which I am dressed in drag. He deletes the tweet later that day.‬

Alex Belfield then posts a modified tweet on @celebrityradio in which he calls me a “moronic troll”, and that I am “obsessed”. He also deletes this tweet later that same day. He still uses the three photos of me dressed in drag. ‬

‪At 16:56 on Sunday 12th April. I report the video to You Tube as “Hateful or abusive content”‬

‪In it, Alex Belfield @celebrityradio says I am “slightly unwell” “not quite the full shilling” and “not mentally stable” and overlays these statements with photos of me dressed in drag.‬

At 21:00 on Sunday 12th April, Alex Belfield begins a live chat on YouTube.

In it he says I am “clearly mentally ill”

“a grown man with a beard who likes dressing up as Elphaba and the women from Frozen”

“Slightly mentally deficient”

“Retarded in his thinking”

“Little ugly fat gay people”






“Angry, bitter and twisted”

“Has an incredibly tiny man sausage and can’t get laid on the Grindr”

He also calls ‪@stagedoorjoe ‬(Joe Flaherty) “Back Side Joe”.

Later in the video he calls me a

“Nasty queen”


“Little twirly”

“Little gay boy”

At 12.18 on Monday 13th April Alex Belfield @celebrityradio posted this tweet in which he calls me a:

“Fucking moron”


5* pilchard”

And in the video he calls me:

At 2:17 on Monday 13th April. Alex Belfield @celebrityradio sent me this email.

At 9.23 on Monday 13th April. Alex Belfield @celebrityradio tweeted this. Calling me a “fucking moron” and “mincy” again.

At 21:00 on Monday 13th April, Alex Belfield mentioned me again in a live chat on YouTube. ‬

‪Calling me ‬

‪“Deeply unwell”‬

‪With “Severe difficulties”‬

‪“Somewhat unstable”‬

On 14th April. It became too much for me, and I posted this video on my Twitter account.

I then made the decision to suspend all activity on my blog and across all my social media outlets, for the first time in over 18 months since officially launching That Stagey Blog and consistently creating content and daily updates.

I posted this statement.

At 21.20 on April 14th 2020, Alex Belfield @celebrityvideo posted this tweet in response to my earlier video.

‪On Thursday 16th ‬April at 12:48 Alex Belfield @celebrityradio sent me this email.

In it he claims that “Nottingham Police are hugely concerned about [my] video”.

And that “Notts Police are on their way here”.

I posted this on Twitter @thatstageyblog and asked @nottspolice to please contact me in reference to it.

For total transparency this is the section of the email that Alex Belfield sent me on 31/12/19 where he told me “the BBC lawyers are currently handling this legal claim”

And this is the highlighted section of the email that Alex Belfield sent today that now says “I have never claimed the BBC were representing me.”

On Sunday 19th April at 18:41, Alex Belfield sent me this email. It contains an absolute lie.

In this email Alex Belfield quotes me as saying “It’s people like Alex Belfield who killed Caroline Flack”.

This is untrue.

What I said was:

“Caroline Flack, who was a victim of cyber bullying. And that, that’s, exactly what Alex Belfield is doing. He is perpetuating hate crimes and he’s a cyber bully.”

On Sunday 19th April, Alex Belfield spoke about me during his YouTube Live video.

He also edited this in to a second video.

I reduced it further to the specific sections where he talks about me. I posted this in two parts on Twitter.

In it he calls me

“A jealous man”

“A really worrying young man”



“Doesn’t understand when to jump overboard”

“Low life scum bag”

“Vile nasty actor”

“A man who pretends to want to kill himself in floods of tears”

“Too stupid”

“You’re a bit thick”

“Loser with a tiny little YouTube channel”

“Thick as two short planks”



“So thick”

He also said

“He accused me of basically wanting to commit suicide”

“He said I was akin to the killers of Caroline Flack, those who trolled her”

“Crocodile tears won’t work in court”

He claims

“I’ve been nice to you. I’ve been polite to you.”

And also said

“He continues to perpetuate lies. And he says that I am the type of person that killed Caroline Flack”.

“You make a video boo hooing, crying like a baby. Basically saying you’re going to kill yourself because I’m bullying you and trolling you, to get a whole industry to hate me.”

On Thursday 23rd April at 17:54. Alex Belfield found out my parent’s home phone number, and phoned my mother after asking to speak to my father.

Alex spoke to my mother for nearly twenty minutes, on speaker phone with me listening and recording it all.

Alex said twice that I ”basically published a lie” and “printed libellous material”.

He told my mother “your son has chosen to print lies”.

He says eleven times that I called him “the kind of person that killed Caroline Flack” and says six times that I called him a “murderer” and said “its people like [him] who killed Caroline Flack” and “Alex Belfield is the type of person that made Caroline Flack kill herself, implying in law that [he’s] the kind of person who makes people want to kill themselves because of bullying”.

He said about me “he doesn’t understand he’s broken the law”.

He said I was “Playing the victim, crying on camera”.

He said that he has “had death threats and threats of violence”.

He then admits when asked why haven’t the police contacted me, “he hasn’t made the threats. People have made the threats on his behalf.”

He accuses me of “inciting hatred”.

And says that I said he has “bullied [me] to the point where [I’m] suicidal”.

He said “I’m not saying he’s committed a crime, people have committed a crime on his behalf”.

He says that I have ‘committed libel and defamation”.

He asked six times for my mother to take his number and to call him back.

He says that I have a vendetta against him.

He admitted that he got our number “simply by going on Google”.

In complete contradiction He also says “He’s a guy trying to do.. He meant well”.

The following video is the recording of the phone call. I have isolated Alex Belfield’s voice, and removed the voice of my mother, in order to protect her privacy.

At 13.15 on Friday 24th April. Alex Belfield posted on @celebrityradrio Twitter page, that he would be going Live on @youtube at 9pm.

With a “Philip Dehany update”

I was scared that he was going to read out my parents phone number and address.

At 21.00. on Friday 24th April, Alex Belfield went live on YouTube and said this:

“And then there’s another guy who can’t help himself. What is it with people on Twitter? Apparently they don’t put this on their personal Facebook. That’s interesting. I’m told they don’t have it on their personal Facebook. Is that because mummy reads it? This Philip Delany. He’s the guy who said “I’m the kind of person who killed Caroline Flack” I phoned his mother yesterday and she’s a head scientist and his father is a doctor. Philip lives with his mum and dad, and I wanted to do a lovely thing by calling them and saying can we please, please resolve this. This man has lied, libelled me online. Refuses to take it down. Published private and confidential legal letters, which by the way is fine by me, because you’ve just put my defence out there in the public domain. This is a man who boo hoos like a baby, like a little girl, saying that I’m the kind of person that bullies and killed Caroline Flack. Simply because I asked him to take down lies that Ben Hewis had already retracted and apologised for. So there’s a loop here. Do you see the loop? The loop of scum. The vile, toxic, loop of people who are living with their parents and have no money. I spoke to Philip Delany’s mother, and she said “He’s skint, so we’ll have to pay for it” she told me. His father is a doctor by the way. “I can’t go on his bloody website, as I’m a technophobe” she told me. I begged her to go and see what he’d done and written she says she can’t use the internet, which is absolutely fine. “I was known as the most illogical scientist in history” she told me. “I’m so so sorry for the situation” she told me, this is Philip Delany’s mother “is so so sorry for the situation he hasn’t got any money that’s why he’s living here” “If you think he did this you’ve got to sue him” his own mother. “I love him, but if he’s done something wrong, chop his head off”. I have the tape. Philip if you put this on your channel, right, and claim it’s untrue I will put the twenty minute tape with your mother online. You don’t understand the law, you don’t understand copyright, look down your timeline. You take people’s bits of their instagram and Facebook because you’re an anorak and an obsessed fan, and you think you can make collages out of them and clip them together to make pieces, love you’re breaking copyright rule and you will be brought down eventually by someone. You’re not allowed to do that. Make your own content. Don’t steal other peoples. But back to this quote, and I’d like to repeat it again, “He’s skint, so we’ll have to pay for him. Do I want to sue a man and have his mum and dad pay the consequences? No I don’t. I want this guy to go away. Again, like Greg Scott. I never. Like Ben Hewis. I never @ them. I didn’t know who they were, and they started on me. This is real life. You want to start on me, I’ll throw out big shit. Real facts, and the law at you. Because I can say what I like, because I haven’t broken the law. You have. I’ll repeat, “I’m so sorry for your situation” Philip Delany’s mother said. “He hasn’t got any money that’s why he’s living here. If you think he did this you have got to sue him. I love him but, if he’s done something wrong, chop his head off” Where do you go with that? I’m begging all these people. Do the right thing. Apologise. Delete your crap, and this will go away. This isn’t threatening and bullying. This is real life and the law. You don’t understand the rules. Everything I’ve said on this broadcast is within the law. Shocking as it might be to you. As shocking as it might appear. And do you know why? Very simple reasons. I’ve not libelled anybody. I’ve not broken the law by saying anything defamatory, and I’ve not threatened anyone. You cannot play the victim when you play these games, you are very quickly caught out. So Philip, if you want to be a three year old, and bury your head under the sand, I’ll release the full tape of your mother. I did tell her I was recording. I know the law. I told her, I’m recording this, can we have a conversation, and she said how did you get my number, and I said “It’s on your website” and she said “Ok”. Do you want me to release it? It’s all there. I don’t lie. I haven’t lied. I’ve been called a liar 500 times in the last two weeks, and guess what, not one law suit, not one retraction, not one can you take it, nothing.”

The full video was posted on YouTube here:

I immediately reported the video to YouTube with a privacy concern.

Three days later, YouTube blocked the video within the UK. The video is still live else where globally.

On Saturday 25th April Alex Belfield used a section of this video and posted it in a new video, using my photo with the caption “Skint and clueless”. He titled the new video “Philip Dehany @ThatStageyBlog Legal Update Mother “I'm Sorry, He's Skint, Chop his head off"

The video is here:

I immediately reported this video to YouTube. YouTube has requested more information about my complaint, and asked me to verify my identity. The video is still live.

On Sunday 3rd May, during his Live broadcast on @YouTube. Alex Belfield mentioned me again by name, and calls me “morally corrupt and more over a moron” and says “we’re going to talk about him on Wednesday”.

On Wednesday 6th May at 9pm during his Live broadcast on @YouTube Alex Belfield said this about me:

“We’re not debating with little meach gites, mincy theatre types, who want to sit in their back bedrooms with their mother having gone on the big bus to see Wicked for the 452 time. We’re not interested in these people because they know nothing you see. They’re delusional they’re mentally ill. A bit like Philip Dehany who’s still banging on by the way, still banging on whilst dressing up in his closet and is certainly out of tut closet now. A deeply unwell man.

We had a letter actually. We spoke to his mother as you know and we had a letter about him the other day.

Can we ask you not to reply to him or troll him because he is deeply unwell and I don’t want to be part of any suicide or anything like that because when these little boys end up getting above their station they think they’re important and as you can see from his social media no one actually cares.

The interesting thing about the last month, and I’ve learnt more about showbiz in the last month that I’ve ever learnt in my life, is that people are seriously mentally ill, they have nothing going on in their lives, they haven’t got a pot to piss in, they live with their mothers, they like dressing up in the dress up box like they were three years old and they’re deeply disturbed people that we should feel sorry for and if I have one regret over the last month it is that I made fun of people who are stalk raging bonkers, completely loonytunes, completely off you know head the balls, bonkers people who sip old only be pitied. So we ask you not to troll the trolls because they are probably suicidal and they have very little going on and mostly tiny little man sausage.”

The clip can be found here:

On Friday 8th May. Alex Belfield @celebrityradio posted this video on @YouTube simply labelled “Goodbye”.

That evening, I posted this on Facebook.

On Sunday 10th May. Alex Belfield modified his “Goodbye” video to include this new description, acknowledging that his video was a hoax.

On Wednesday 20th May. During his Live broadcast on You Tube. Alex Belfield @celebrityradio said that I was “On medication for bipolar” and that my mother said about me “he needs a good kicking”.

Neither statements are true.

This is the full transcript of the three isolated sections of Alex Belfield’s broadcast that refer to me:

“That little mieskeit, victim, mentally ill man, er who’s on medication for bipolar and lives with his mother and all of that decided to reprint the lies so we asked him to take them down with legal letters and he published them and played the victim and boo hoo hooed cause of cause he’s a big girl’s blouse as well who has no back bone to phone me and sort it out or do the honourable thing and deleted them.

And then the man who repeated them, that little Dehany mental fella, little bipolar kid who one minute mincing on the air waves saying happy birthday to people and then the next claiming he’s boo hooing crying, and I’m be- I’m the “type of person that killed Caroline Flack” as his own mother said “he needs a good kicking”. It’s a shame. Total loser. Jealous. Sixteen hits on his last video who’s trying to chase my tail. They’re all the same these people. It’s very very sad. I feel sorry for them, and I pity them, and as I told his mother “It’s a great shame that he’s like that” he should actually phone me and ask me for help, cause he needs it. Well he needs the help from a doctor first but me second professionally.

And then Philip repeated it. This low life scum bag, the lowest of the low who played the victim and the mental health card. Doesn’t wash. That’s why I’m still here. I couldn’t give two fucks. You’re all worthless to me. And I can’t wait to see you in the West End and look you in the eye because you’ll run a thousand miles, because you’re cowards you’re jealous and you’re low life scum. And you’re exposed. None of you have the moral high ground.“

Alex Belfield then used the clip again in four other videos:

At 3:59 in this video-

At 3:37 in this video-

At 3:57 in this video-

At 4:02 in this video-

On 23:50 on Wednesday 27th May. Alex Belfield posted another new video using this clip.

On Friday 29th May, during his Live broadcast on YouTube Alex Belfield talked about me again.

He said “I’ve been criticised by stupid people who don’t understand the difference between a credible review and an opinion, and trolling and just telling blatant lies. I’ve also been accused of pushing people to the point of suicide. Do you remember that little twirly, the one up north who lives with his mother who’s got no money, who desperately wants to be me. He said “It’s people like you who killed Caroline Flack”.

He later said “Don’t waste your time on websites nobody reads …You want to go to That Stagey Blog. His average video has fourteen hits. He’s a boy who lives in his mother’s back bedroom. Who’s playing at it.”

On Sunday 31st May 2020. During his Live Broadcast on YouTube Alex Belfield said:

“If you believe what you read on the internet, you would really believe from some sicko mentally ill little person who lives up in the North who has written on his blog that I am a bully and the kind of person that killed Caroline Flack and I’m this that and the other thing. The reality is the guy is stalk raving bonkers and has written lies but because he lives with his mother and she told me he’s got no fucking money I can’t sue him. Now that is still on the internet, does it mean it’s true? Well it isn’t true.”

“What the internet has done, has allowed mentally ill mieskeits to write anything and it can then be repeated and I had it six weeks ago, where people were literally writing anything, anything.”

“The scumbags, these little losers who live in their mother’s back bedroom who are thirty seven stone salad dodgers who you know… you know these people who are sados who are obsessive who are mentally ill who are bipolar who need urgent medical attention equally have a voice that is equal to mine. And that’s the problem with Twitter is a tweet has equal parity, and one can be lies and one can be truth and you can’t tell the difference. That’s the problem.”

“I see vileness everywhere. I see it on every corner people are now all PRing their own bullshit I’ve seen it with that little mieskeit up in the north who said I’m the kind of guy who killed Caroline Flack, made a video claiming I was making him suicidal simply to promote himself. I wasn’t making him suicidal, he was actually getting more hits via my name than he’s ever had in his entire life and his website proves it.”

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