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All 75 of my interviews from 2019

Joel Harper Jackson https://youtu.be/wd_JE_xdGi4

Steph Parry https://youtu.be/TTPn5O0TkpI

Charlotte Wakefield https://youtu.be/BayjRkgz9TE

Ryan Anderson https://youtu.be/UOUO2SIZ3gw

Nicholas McLean and Lawrence Smith from Avenue Q https://youtu.be/5o9TpjfAaKU

Post Show Q&A with Alex Donnachi and Kate Donnachi from 3 Years 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle


Catherine Millsom https://youtu.be/PfFz_O_UPEU

The cast of Sasha Regans The Pirates of Penzance at Wiltons Music Hall https://youtu.be/9HyLC5wZOjs

Post show Q&A with Catherine Millsom and David Coverdale From Afar https://youtu.be/5D4DrD12nWU

Matthew Croke https://youtu.be/gWGMgg-YqaE

Post show Q&A with director Patrick Kennedy and the cast of Pain(t) https://youtu.be/SBcH0RIrzeg

James Darch and Kara Lily Hayworth from Maggie May https://youtu.be/ZRE8wRBxRzE

The cast of Never Trust A Man Bun at the Stockwell Playhouse https://youtu.be/os4nYIxPp1g

The cast of Othello at the Union Theatre https://youtu.be/fVNsfb3H0Lw

Jordan Lee Davies https://youtu.be/x5e05NIqh5g

Layton Williams https://youtu.be/1xFrCNdZ8p8

The cast of Market Boy at the Union Theatre https://youtu.be/3XsxNz64vnY

Kieran Brown and Chris Passey https://youtu.be/83UKfX_Rb6o

Hayley Tamaddon https://youtu.be/lEYiVP2CayA

Callum Robshaw https://youtu.be/2hvDBKZlMjU

Ian Stroughair https://youtu.be/AE6Vp_kRTFE

Bernie Dieter https://youtu.be/o4Xb2bGX7UM

Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith https://youtu.be/oaDm_gp_Fb8

Jake Quickenden https://youtu.be/7nXZ3IzggI8

The cast of Country Music https://youtu.be/LCD9ot5-NWI

Kansley and Lidert and Molly Marie Walsh the creatives from Confessions https://youtu.be/LPtseQw1j2I

Wendy Carr and Georgi Mottram from IDA https://youtu.be/Dv1BaU57I-g

The Barn Theatre, Cirencester https://youtu.be/Zu6UnQRnot4

The cast of Elegies for Angels Punks and Raging Queens at the Union Theatre https://youtu.be/FZ02YkjKNz0

Eugene McCoy https://youtu.be/swbUZRI3GAg

Nick Hayes https://youtu.be/uLfGLkKU_nA

Andrew Keates https://youtu.be/vuOwiMP0kAs

Genevieve Nicole https://youtu.be/LhsRDEi8Bl0

Britt Lenting https://youtu.be/K6_gxg6tOYQ

Declan Egan https://youtu.be/XCUMRIm05ug

Rich Watkins https://youtu.be/16fTIuojGM0

Amy Di Bartolomeo https://youtu.be/1LYJyQzACYo

Daniel Downing https://youtu.be/vfNpZbWJ4Lk

Caroline Kay https://youtu.be/0XYSehpHWSk

Molly Lynch https://youtu.be/YO9YWDKmS4w

Tami Stone https://youtu.be/2uRVz1aBf8c

Marissa Landy https://youtu.be/HpgOoS4xI1A

Aaron Jenson and Keisha Mowchenko from No Limits https://youtu.be/pMWIyowlv_M

Joe Leather and Guy Hughes from The Lost Musical Works of Willy Shakes https://youtu.be/D7pKkL1EVIs

Luke Byrne https://youtu.be/hPUs4iwXqGI

The cast of Wrath of Achilles https://youtu.be/RBjYoCNgMXA

West End Producer https://youtu.be/X48ypkvEE9o

Wannabe- The Spice Girls Show https://youtu.be/z0FT1CbA1pw

Alex Gwyther https://youtu.be/NdCvJV8DxOw

The cast of Jerry Herman https://youtu.be/QZOeqQJ__k4

The cast of I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical https://youtu.be/KKrphHav6Lk

Dan Krikler https://youtu.be/Aw7ZWarTlnM

Tom Brandon and Denis Grindel from the Choir of Man https://youtu.be/CrtvPWu1NuQ

Kane Oliver Parry https://youtu.be/qJU2D72GfuY

Tom Partridge and Danny Becker https://youtu.be/UCqsb6vDags

The cast of Hello Again. The Union Theatre https://youtu.be/zHfs2Jg2HWc

Emma Hatton https://youtu.be/J473iIcuJ2o

Claudia Kariuki https://youtu.be/_kdOFI-qMpc

Alexander Lodge https://youtu.be/rxevyZzpEUA

The cast of Tick Tick Boom https://youtu.be/IR5_Mya39jQ

Alyn Hawke https://youtu.be/c9g-viDOYTQ

Liv Warden https://youtu.be/txYjBBbknPc

Four Harps https://youtu.be/bQ7GrFI80YE

Paulus https://youtu.be/XDKkrYghBAI

The cast of Falsettos Daniel Boys Joel Montague Oliver Savile Natasha J Barnes Laura Pitt-Pullford https://youtu.be/NjYEQUX77UM

Andrew Patrick-Walker https://youtu.be/Z-mgHiU199w

Nathaniel Morrison https://youtu.be/fN58m000Eh8

In Conversation With the Cast and Creatives of Rage But Hope Streatham Space Project https://youtu.be/QkEnHCcU4mw

Stuart Saint https://youtu.be/L889Dw-MDLI

The cast and creatives of The Wind of Heaven https://youtu.be/BFgyJNRWqn0

George Hankers https://youtu.be/k3E6IrTleGw

Jonathan Blake https://youtu.be/k9WMYT3Q7c8

Matthew Hodson https://youtu.be/3Ul_mJKHzdc

The cast of Whistle Down the Wind https://youtu.be/5GosICSp6Go

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