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Raising money and awareness for HIV charities, through theatrical events that celebrate and amplify the voices of artists living with HIV. 

Founded by Rob Eyles and Philip Dehany for That Stagey Blog 

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Rob Eyles, an agent at HOME Talent Group, says, “As well as raising money, we want to produce events that amplify the voices of people living with HIV, and to tell their stories”


Philip Dehany from That Stagey Blog adds “We will be starting with the Terrence Higgins Trust as our dedicated charity, but hope to expand and support many smaller HIV and AIDS charities in the future”.  


The pair will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon in October to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, and have both set up Just Giving accounts and welcome donations. 


THaT Fest plans to produce concerts and a festival of work that celebrates the music and works of artists lost to and living with HIV.


We are committed to establishing  THaT Fest as a platform to reduce stigma surrounding HIV, and to showcase artists who are living with HIV as well as celebrating the work created by people with HIV.


For further updates please follow @THaTFestUK on Twitter and Instagram. 


We are also looking to connect with artists living with HIV including (and not limited to) actors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, writers, directors, and any one in the theatre and entertainment industry for collaboration in future events. Please do get in touch and let us know who you are. 


Contact us by email at


We are looking for singers that are living with HIV, to appear on a recording of a new charity single. 


The single is a new cover of ‘A Little Respect’ by Erasure and has been authorised by Sony Music Publishing.


The single will be released and available to stream, with proceeds going to the Terrence Higgins Trust. 


Singing ability is required, but any level of experience is valued. 


We are open to individuals who wish to keep their HIV status confidential.


We are dedicated to casting an inclusive, group made of people living with HIV.


We wish to amplify the voices of the HIV positive community in an uplifting and inspiring way to help end the stigma associated with HIV.


If interested, and for more information please submit an email to


All emails will be considered confidential. 

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Rob and Phil will both be running the Virgin Money London Marathon in October 2021 for the Terrence Higgins Trust, and have committed to raising a minimum of £2000 each.


THaT Fest Co-Founder and Co-Producer,  Rob Eyles

“So here goes...! On Sunday 3rd October I’ll be running my first ever marathon! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do not only for the fact that I’m highly competitive (!) but also to raise money for charity! 


Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity. They support people living with HIV and amplify their voices, and help the people using their services to achieve good sexual health.


Following the phenomenal series of ‘It’s a Sin’, and realising so many friends close to me are living with HIV, I felt that I needed to be doing more to raise awareness not only to the LGBTQ+ community, but to EVERYONE! 


I hope that you can support me on my journey. 




If you would like to sponsor Rob, then please follow this link:

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THaT Fest Co-Founder and Co-Producer,  Philip Dehany


“I’ve always had the ambition to run my first marathon before I turn 40 next year, which means I’m running out of time! 


I’m very excited to have begun my training and honoured to be representing and raising money for Terrence Higgins Trust.


After watching Channel 4’s ‘Its A Sin’ I realised I need to do more to help, and to honour everyone that has died from HIV and AIDS and everyone that is living with this infection and disease today.


Thank you for your donation and your support.”


And if you would like to sponsor Phil, then please follow this link:


All donations are greatly appreciated. 

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We hope to produce a concert in September 2021, and will be looking for singers, dancers and cabaret acts.


In 2022, we plan to curate and produce a week long festival showcasing new work programmed alongside discussions, talks, and music.  Working with artists living with HIV, to tell their stories. In particular we would like to produce new works that represent new stories about HIV, PrEP and PEP. 


We are also working closely with BHIVA (British HIV Association) and the Terrence Higgins Trust to create an inclusive platform that is open to all. 


THaT Fest Co-Founder and Co-Producer Rob Eyles suggests “Following the phenomenal series of ‘It’s a Sin’, and realising so many friends close to me are living with HIV, I felt that I needed to be doing more to raise awareness not only to the LGBTQ+ community, but to everyone!”


Philip Dehany adds “We recognised that there is still a misconception that HIV is a gay disease and only affects gay men. Through my association with BHIVA, I’ve met some beautiful people, women, trans and even straight men who live with this, as well as serodiscordant couples.”


We hope that the work produced by THaT Fest will help to combat stigma and break down these misconceptions. We also hope that it will help people living with HIV to feel represented, and to help people to identify and connect with others just like them.